How we work

At IABT, we work towards a future for our country where geography no longer determines the future of our youth. We believe in a world where every young person, no matter where they come from, has equal access to opportunity.

Goal #1

Enabling young people with individual agency to redefine their aspirations

As a team, our collective experience of working with young people over the last few years has shown us that having a ‘skills-first’ approach severely limits the potential of young people who do not have the exposure, agency or awareness to pursue livelihoods that are appropriate for them in the long term.

Hence, we follow an ‘agency-first’ approach through our model of building agency – the ability to make free and informed decisions about their own futures – through awareness generation, individualized mentoring, and exposure to local livelihood solutions and local role models.

Goal #2

Improving ability and access to opportunity for youth in rural and small-town India

It is only after young people are able to make free and informed decisions about their livelihood and career choice that we work on
building ability through skilling and enabling
access to opportunities in employment (in the
private sector, social sector or self-employment through entrepreneurship).

Goal #3

Influencing research and policy for a youth-centric approach to sustainable livelihoods

Research and design

As an applied research organisation, IABT operates at the intersection of research and design.

All our programs and interventions (praxis) are designed based on rigorous, contextual research which addresses a local need while learning from best practices and established approaches in pedagogy, livelihood support and youth engagement.

This allows us to work towards long-term, systemic change by advocating
for youth-centric approaches in policy as well as practice.

How do we achieve this?

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