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IABT programs are designed to empower rural and small town youth from remote areas of Uttarakhand with the awareness, ability and agency to seize opportunities that are aligned with their aspirations, while also being economically resilient and locally sustainable in a post-Covid world.


Our flagship program ‘Margshala’ is a youth entrepreneurship fellowship that enables aspiring and emerging youth entrepreneurs from the Kumaon Himalayas with training, mentoring and funding support to start their own local small business ventures in land-based livelihoods and digital livelihoods.


Our Khojshala career exploration workshops for rural youth across the Western Himalayas equip them with knowledge about local livelihood possibilities as well as the tools and ability to take informed decisions about sustainable livelihood pathways for the future.


Improving awareness about specific, non-traditional livelihood pathways relevant to the region in employment and entrepreneurship


Enabling rural youth to explore their interests, skills and aspirations and build self-awareness about potential livelihood options that can work for them


Providing personalised mentorship and thematic guidance to support youth to take action towards their career or livelihood of choice

A collaboration between IABT and Udhyam

Udhyam is a rural entrepreneurship program designed to encourage entrepreneurship among village communities in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region. With the right support, Udhyam entrepreneurs create jobs for their communities and contribute to the local economy. Udhyam has been an IABT partner for Margshala right from its inception in 2019.

In addition to livelihoods programs such as Margshala and Khojshala, in 2022 we have just begun a new pilot – the Western Himalaya Youth Climate Fellowship to enable youth across J&K, Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to learn about community-based climate adaptation practices that can improve lives and livelihoods across the region.

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