Young people hold with them the possibilities of our collective future

... and yet the inequality of opportunity is significantly wide between urban and rural youth

Especially for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or remote communities, skills and qualifications are only part of the picture when it comes to accessing opportunity and securing dignified and meaningful livelihoods .

Where they are born, who they know and what they’ve seen around them – these factors play a much larger role in defining their eventual livelihood pathways.

Research in other rural parts of India has also shown that young people’s aspirations are limited to what they see around them. Other barriers like financial vulnerability, poor infrastructure and community norms further prevent rural and small town youth from securing the agency to make free decisions and pursue their aspirations, however limited they may be.

These disparities have been further compounded by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, which has forced the abrupt closure of economic and educational activities that previously engaged rural and small-town youth.

Why can’t youth in rural and small-town India have dreams just as audacious as those of their urban peers?

To this end, we work towards a future for our country where geography no longer determines the future of our youth. We believe in a world where every young person, no matter where they come from, has equal access to opportunity.

We ask a simple question - can we bring India and Bharat together? Are we two countries, or can we become one idea?

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